About Custom Pickups

I started building pickups after trying countless different brands and types in my blue Stratocaster that I put  together in 1996.  After  not finding what I was looking for, I was determined to build something better.  Hundreds of tries later……. Goez Custom pickups was born.

Where to get them?

Right now you can purchase my custom pickups by requesting a set and picking them up when ready at these local options:

Goez Instrument Repair

3103 Sutton Blvd  Maplewood MO 63143

(314) 647-1211




Soon an online option will become available on this site.


The Pickups

I have sourced the finest parts available to build high quality custom sounds.  The pickups are a sum of all the individual parts.  They all play a role in the type of sound you are looking for.  Repair is not a problem either!


I also work with other manufacturers to put together the right blend of pickups for a customer who needs the perfect fit for their guitar. 

Demo Videos

Coming soon are some demo videos that will highlight the differences between my sets of pickups.  I’m excited to also use equipment made by some of my friends in these videos. 

I have worked hard to develop certain sounds that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  My goal is not to duplicate anything that is out there today, but to create something special that captures the sounds I am looking for.  

Single pickups or custom sets are no problem for me.  I’m happy to use my experience and tuned ear to help make your guitar be the best it can be.  

They can be my pickups, a blend, or someone else’s all together. 


Happy Customers


Brian Goez makes some excellent pickups. I have them on two of my guitars

- James Baumgartner

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